“This book reveals how to create generational wealth like billionaires do and live an abundant life right now… without risky stock market speculation, confusing financial plans, or needing a $50M net worth to start with.”

New York Times bestselling author Garrett Gunderson wrote this book on billionaires to reveal how the ultra-rich grow, protect and preserve their wealth … and how you can do it too, even if you’re not a millionaire or billionaire.

The Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers were two of the richest American families in history at the turn of the last century. But while the Vanderbilt fortune evaporated quite quickly, the Rockefeller fortune still supports more than 200 family members today, more than six generations later.

Garrett’s billionaire book details the step-by-step generational wealth system wealthy families like the Rockefellers use, including how to create your own family bank, boost your savings rate 400%-800%, safeguard your wealth and pass it on to the next generation tax-free… so you can start a family legacy that lasts for generations.

It is the complete billionaire financial system.

A digital copy of the book starts at $2.95, but most people choose the $5.90 option that comes with the audiobook — and nearly ⅓ add on a second audiobook for $9.95.

After the book, the customer has a chance to get more than 25 videos that complement the book for $197.

This is followed by two additional $97 offers which show several financial moves that result in guaranteed returns without speculative investments — plus 11 hand-selected private video interviews with Garrett’s top financial professionals, covering topics like saving on taxes, investing, improving your credit, cash flow optimization, estate planning and more.

In total, customers can spend up to $406.85.

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