Triple Threat Trader is a trade alert and stock market educational service based on verified institutional data-flow, unusual options activity and dark pool transactions.
The backbone of TTT is the Institutional data-flow that is unique and exclusive to Triple Threat Trader. Now, for the first time, we can see what institutions and hedge funds are researching on a daily basis…allowing us insights into what types of trades may be coming.
In our opinion, this proprietary information is a ‘gold mine’ for traders as we know of no other source that tracks verified institutional data-flow day-to-day as we do.
Davis Martin, the millionaire trader who runs the service, pairs our institutional data-flow with unusual options activity and dark pool transactions with the goal of targeting daily 100%+ profit targets to members while he trades his own real money with each trade alert.

While verified institutional data-flow is a million-dollar expense, the transparency of having an edge over fellow traders by being able to analyze what the largest and most profitable firms in the country are researching is unmatched. It works wonders for Davis, but more importantly the traders who are able to take advantage of this information as well.

Additionally, we show all the trades in the TTT online portfolio and Davis’ trade history is accessible in password-protected member portals.

Triple Threat Trader also includes an online video educational suite designed to assist the success of both new and struggling traders, and increase the success of profitable traders.

Davis alerts an average of one new trade per day based on institutional activity and his technical analysis, backed by over a decade of experience in the stock market.

Traders may be able to immediately benefit from verified institutional data-flow, education, the transparency of trades as they happen, and Davis’ trade history. Most importantly though, what traders are really getting, is what most traders don’t have, which is trade alerts sourced by institutional data-flow, each with 100%+ profit targets with a holding time of 3 days or less.

Davis’ trade alerts are also on options priced at $3 or less – this is to create ease of use for traders with smaller accounts, and to be able to work around the pattern day trader rule.

Triple Threat Trader is backed by hundreds of member testimonials and Davis’ extremely consistent win rate. It’s an exciting new product that blends expert guidance with the latest advancements in data and technology to provide traders with a tremendous edge of getting in on trades early like the institutional traders have been enjoying for years.

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