About Us

Bridging the gap to connect top brands and high performing affiliate marketers in one marketplace.

  • To grow opportunities.
  • To grow revenue.
  • To grow businesses.

RevenueTree provides Advertisers and Affiliates new marketing channels and relationships to scale their businesses.

The RevenueTree Affiliate Marketplace

This is where Advertisers can access an affiliate universe driving 15+ billion clicks – and 1+ billion conversions per year.

At RevenueTree, we created the affiliate marketplace to connect advertisers with top performance marketers.

In doing this, we bridged the gap between advertisers looking to sell their products and performance marketers looking for top performing offers to promote.

RevenueTree is a place for publishers, affiliates, and advertisers to connect and grow together.

The Revenue Tree Affiliate Display Network

This is a breakthrough new display network for Advertisers, Publishers and Performance Marketers.

RevenueTree Display Network provides a new traffic channel for Advertisers, enabling them to place ads in prime positions across a collection of hyper-targeted websites with audiences that truly resonate with their content.

Through our Display Network, Publishers and Affiliates can exponentially increase monetization of their high-quality traffic, whilst remaining in full control.


The Revenue Tree Marketing Performance Email Network

Email marketing drives up to $38 in revenue for every $1 spent.

The RevenueTree Email Network connects Advertisers to Affiliates and Publishers with email lists.

Publishers can sell advertising inventory directly in their email newsletters.

Advertisers get access to new customer acquisition opportunities –
Opportunities their regular affiliate programs could never access.

The Revenue Tree Marketing Event Network

Digital and performance marketing is a fast-moving science.

Our digital and live (post-pandemic!) events bring together top marketers and advertisers to share what’s working now.

See and share case studies, insights, and strategies from top performance marketers.

We’ve built in the #1 trusted performance tracking solution on the internet.

Every Revenue Tree opportunity is automatically tracked by LinkTrust, the most trusted tracking solution in performance marketing.
That means all your campaigns are tracked in real-time.
It shows your clicks, conversions, and real-time data on ALL the affiliates in your network.
You can see it all on your Revenue Tree marketing dashboard.

Cutting edge A.I. compliance tech is built-in to every account

Compliance keeps your revenues safe.

We’ve partnered with the most advanced A.I. affiliate compliance company in the world to integrate their tech with your Revenue Tree accounts.
Our tech does an exhaustive investigation of new affiliates & publishers to make sure there are no problems.
Then scans and monitors affiliate behaviour across the entire internet.